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XVI Reflections on Classical Music

XVI Reflections On Classical Music
Featuring Takeo Toyama, Sylvain Chauveau, Alva Noto, Gas, Final Fantasy, Francesco Tristano, Philip Glass, Murcof, Max Richter, Akira Rabelais, Ryan Teague, Greg Haines, Gavin Bryars. With exclusive tracks by Lawrence, Hauschka und Slowcream

XVI Reflections on Classical Music turns the spotlight on a young musical genre. A genre that has slowly evolved over the past number of years, not the kind of revolution that music used to create, but a silent one that has happened in different parts of the (music) world.

There isn’t even a name for it, but the growing connections between classical and unconventional, often electronic music cannot be denied. They occur in many different shades and colours, consciously and unconsciously. The artists aren’t part of a movement as such, but there are some direct connections between them and their artistic visions. This collection aims to assemble some of the most interesting artists of this genre together on a CD for the first time.

Compiler Me Raabenstein – head of the label nonine – has selected his 16 favourite examples on a CD which will be released on Point Music in September 2009. It is not an attempt to put together a ‘best of”, but rather the subjective point of view of an individual with a passion for music. The result, however, gives a very good overview of this burgeoning musical genre.
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