Benyamin Nuss | Offizielle Biografie


Benyamin Nuss was born in Bergisch-Gladbach on the twentieth of June 1989. At the age of six he began piano lessons. He was inspired and encouraged by his father, the trombonist Ludwig Nuss, and his pianist brother Hubert, both internationally renowned jazz musicians and composers. Not only did Benyamin grow up with music from different genres, he really made classical music and jazz his passion. Inspired by “Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum” from “Children’s Corner,” he began at the age of ten to study the composer Claude Debussy, and soon after the works of Maurice Ravel.

At first he was especially fascinated by the sounds and harmonies of the Impressionists, though he was soon drawn more and more to the romantics — Rachmaninov, Liszt and Chopin are still among his favourite composers. Particularly well developed are Benyamin´s sense of melody, his ability to feel music and to properly come to know the intentions of the composer. How elegantly and emotionally he internalizes the music is demonstrated by his first prizes at the 2005 national Steinway Competition “Young Musicians”, and the 2006 international competition “Prix d’Amadeo de Piano” as well as his grant from the Hochbegabtenstiftung (Foundation for the Gifted) ”Best of NRW”. Benyamin Nuss, who has been studying since 2008 at the Cologne/Aachen conservatoire with Prof. Ilya Scheps, lives his passion for music, whether in the conservatory, at piano concerts in the Berlin Philharmonic or the Frankfurt Alte Oper, or on tour with the jazz band of his father.
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