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Reflections on Classical Music

Takeo Toyama

Reflections on Classical Music, Takeo Toyama toyama

Multi-instrumentalist Takeo Toyama is based in Osaka, Japan, and trained formally in piano for just two years in his childhood before deciding to play for his own enjoyment. His solo career began with a 4 track cassette recorder, an exploration that led to the release of his first album ‘Ground Piano’ on Current, on which he played almost every instrument, and used overdubbing to powerful effect. He has also experimented with software but now prefers to use computers for recording purposes only. Toyama cites 60’s pop and progressive rock as musical influences as well as jazz and classical works, influences that can be heard in all of his work, which alternates between funny little creaking sounds and atmospheric flute and violin arrangements. His trio with Atsuko Hatano & Miki Hayashi formed the basis for the Etudes album, which was produced over a three day session. Toyama sees his music as a quest for purity, independent of words and rooted in human feeling.