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Reflections on Classical Music


Reflections on Classical Music, Slowcream raabenstein

slowcream is the solo project of berlin based experimental electronica artist and nonine recordings label-owner me raabenstein. having a filmmaker’s and painter’s background, raabenstein investigates in overlapping structures and the lamination of inappropriate ingredients. constituted with impatience and intrusiveness the process of producing requires constant conversion and unsung modus operandi. as slowcream, raabenstein displays a certain affection for combining the basic principles of classical music with minimal electronica, executed with great success on his 2008 release ‘live long and prosper’. his style can be characterised as beautiful experiments, contrasted with disturbed lyrics that produce a somewhat unconscious and abstract listening experience. by twisting together elements of romantic and classical music with electronics, he fuses the accessible and experimental, ultimately creating music that is at once pleasing and disquieting. his pioneering approach to digital distribution is reflected in the numerous nonine releases that bear his hallmark, including ‘raabenstein_esk’, his first solo work as raabenstein. his collaborative career numbers several releases and current works in progress by kaisen, rael, lagerfeltz and the she hero.