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Reflections on Classical Music, GAS gas

GAS is arguably the best-known of the many aliases of Wolfgang Voigt, the driving force behind the rise of Cologne Techno and co-founder of the Kompakt label. Few artists are more prolific than Voigt, who releases as Mike Ink, Studio 1 and M:I:5 to name but a few. In the early 1990s, Voigt began to experiment with a timbale combined with free-floating string loops. These elegiac tracks, seemingly without beginning or end, which see the marriage of ambient music and 4/4 techno in a strikingly original manner, sounded to him like evaporating GAS and thus, GAS music was born. The 2008 box set release of ‘Nah Und Fern’ compiled the complete GAS releases originally released on Mille Plateaux, and was received with massive critical acclaim. Inspired by the overwhelming response, Voigt presented the first live show of GAS in Leipzig in late 2008, and continues to perform around the world.